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Products & Services Introduction

Introduction to Our Main Products
We deal in a wide variety of products, including IC and LCD electronic educational devices, stuffed toys, microscopes, wooden puzzles and etc, We also deal in stationery and life style goods.
It is BHK Group's mission to continue to live up to our clients' expectations and produce high quality, cost-effective products with fast delivery through working in cooperation with factories specialising in respective field.

Electronic Products

From high quality high value products, such as genuine digital cameras and items featuring touch screen technology, to audio educational products, card-reading educational devices, peripheral items to be used with PCs and even watches, we have produced a wide range of originally developed goods. We develop around fifty electronic products a year. The discernable traits of Benesse's electronic educational products and toys are that they are original items not to be found in other stores and have been developed with the aim of being safe for children even to use alone by themselves, as well as being extremely effective in childhood development and learning. With regard to safety in particular, our products are not only comply with ST and EN71 standards but also subject to Benesse's own stringent product quality and safety evaluations in order to manufacture truly safe and secure goods.

Stuffed Toys

Based on stuffed toys featuring Benesse's original characters, every year, we develop more than fifty varieties of soft toys suitable for babies from birth onwards, including originally designed bags and shoes, towels, and storage cases. Taking into consideration the possibility that small children may put toys into their mouths, we have established strict internal standards regarding formaldehyde, heavy metals, colour fastness, inspections and thread processing etc. Due to this the safety of our stuffed toys is rigorously controlled.

Wooden Products

These are wooden toys mainly for pre-school aged children with a focus on puzzles and blocks etc. A special feature of Benesse's wooden toys is the combination of the texture and vivid colours of our products. Some, painted as little as possible, allow the characteristic beauty of natural wood to shine through while others are painted with water-based paints that are kind to the environment. Every year, around 7-8 types of wooden toys are produced. The materials, including beech and maple, schima wood, lime wood (plywood) and MDF, are selected with the features of the finished product in mind.


For stationery, not only do we make more than 10,000,000 original pens a year, but we also design original erasers and stamps, templates, rulers and etc. These are premium products produced mainly for sales promotion. A feature of Benesse stationery is that even a pen is more than just an ordinary pen. We have developed original varieties containing special inks that are scented with glittery lamé or can be erased using an eraser or that even change colour. We design around fifteen to twenty original kinds of stationery a year.

Plastic Products

For moulded plastic items, we have developed a large number of toys for small children and optical products with lenses for primary school children (microscopes, telescopes, cameras etc.). Including simple moulded plastic wares such as plastic wallets and card holders used during study, we develop and produce around thirty plastic products. The use of PVC and PC, and certain other chemicals suspected of interfering with human hormones, is prohibited and we take particular care regarding corners and sharp edges, which are subjected to strict internal safety regulations during production.

The Product Development System

Design Evaluation
During the designing phase, before entering into mass production, issues in quality are discovered and solved and the product is redesigned using value analysis/ value engineering methods.

Quality Evaluation
Considering that the majority of the end-users are infants and primary school children, safety is of paramount importance and products undergo a thorough quality assessment. Assessment methods are outlined in the 'Quality Evaluation Standards' to which both Benesse Corporation and each subcontractor factory refer.

* The 'Quality Evaluation Standards' are a set of standards based on the business philosophy of Benesse Group, who value the trust of the customers above anything else. They are more stringent than those found in the industry sector. Affiliates understand and follow these standards and thereby guarantee product quality.

BIQC(Benesse Incoming Quality Confirmation)
BHK Group's unique quality inspection conducted in the factories where the products are manufactured and is operated under the same stringent standards with those Incoming Quality Confirmation taken place in Japan.
As the inspection is taken place in the manufacturing site, not only the cost-effectiveness can be achieved, but the efficiency in conveying to the production team and taking remedy action when any defective product is discovered.

Safety Inspection

Materials used in producing our products are examined by using EDX machine (a machine using Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy for elemental analysis) of which the analysis is operated by "Quality Assurance Department", a department which is independent. If a product fails in this examination, the mass production cannot begin. For the sake of safety, prevention of accidents can be tackled through such strict safety control operations.

Collaboration with Subcontracting Manufacturers


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