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BHK group is looking for working partners who are client oriented, enthusiastic and self-motivated in our business expansion.
Please contact us for further information of the recruitment date, title and location.

Types of Jobs Offered
1. Sales and Production Management Staff
The main duty is responsible for sales operation against Benesse Group (Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea). As most of our products are targeted to Benesse Corporation in Japan, candidate's level of Japanese Proficiency must be sufficient for meetings held in Japanese.

Besides sales operation, production management is also an important duty of this post. The staff should be tenacious and with high sense of responsibility in managing the quality & production schedule of the product of which he is in charge.

The more you are responsible for the greater sense of accomplishment you will gain in this post, so we demand for enthusiastic caudidates.
2. Quality Management Staff
Products developed by BHK Group are characterized by diversification of variety. According to the kind of products, such as electronic or sewn products, the standpoints of quality management also change. The standpoint of safety is critically important as most of the end-users of our products are infants and elementary school students.

Experience in quality management is utilized in these posts and we are looking for people who are keen in learning new knowledge and people who are considerate of the quality of products in customers' point of view with creativity.
3. Trading and Logistics Management Staff
The main delivery route for our products is the exportation to Japan from the manufacturing site in China. Due to the expansion of our business, various types of management such as trading transaction in China or exportation of products from Vietnam become necessary.

Other than vessel booking and forwarder management, information collection from relevant departments within Benesse Group is also an important duty for these posts.
4. Administration Staff (Accounting, Human Resources, Administration)
Possess with professional knowledge in dealing with accounting and budget control, contract management and legal related issues, these staff support the daily operation of the company. The most important thing is that they can response quickly and securely to the environmental change of the company.

Also, these staff should responsible for staff training. We are looking for working partners who are self-motivated with good communication skill.

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